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Princess Victoria of Sweden Gets Married (Updated)

Not registered at IKEA.

Darlings, it's still hot and now it's Father's Day so we're going to once again take the easy way out and just slap up some pictures and a press release to keep the minions from revolting.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland, and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland got married yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden, in the biggest European royal wedding since that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

And we all saw how well THAT one turned out. Look, we're not royalty fuckers by any stretch. We don't even know who most of these people are. But they're all wearing extravagant expensive clothing and that's a good enough reason to take a look.

Also, scandal:

"The marriage, a love match that has weathered the disapproval of the bride's father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, who was initially horrified that his heir was marrying her former fitness trainer. [...]

When he first appeared on the pages of the Swedish news papers in 2002 many were horrified at his casual appearance. Even worse, apparently, was his thick, rural accent which was mocked among the Crown Princess's circle.
But their relationship, though stormy at times, survived - despite the King's anger. He had hoped his daughter would marry a blue-blooded royal.

When it became clear Victoria was prepared to defy her father he capitulated and a team of courtiers were hired to school the commoner in royal etiquette.

Before long he became a polished public performer, learning several European languages and becoming well versed in his country's history and politics."

Personally, we think it will probably be the downfall of Europe if they all just let their princesses decide who they want to marry without taking into consideration her role as baby-maker and continuer of largely meaningless bloodlines. Next thing you know, she'll be allowed to show her ankles or read a book in public.

Also, Press Release, complete with fun facts:

The Wedding Dress

Crown Princess Victoria's wedding dress was designed by Pär Engsheden.

It is made of cream-coloured duchess silk satin, with short sleeves and a turned-out collar, which follows the rounded neckline. The dress has a v-shaped back with covered buttons. The sash at the waist is buttoned up at the back.
The train is edged with a border, fastened at the waist, and has the same shape as the veil. The train is almost five meters long. The Crown Princess's shoes are made up in the same fabric as her dress.

We have to admit, it's a lovely dress and it was a wise choice to go simple with the design. Love the neckline and the little cap sleeves.

The Cameo Tiara
The cameo tiara was also worn by Queen Silvia at the royal wedding on 19 June 1976. The Crown Princess is therefore continuing a tradition started by Princess Birgitta. She was the first Haga Princes to marry, and chose the cameo tiara for her wedding in 1961 to Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern. Princess Désirée also chose the same tiara as her bridal crown when she married Baron Niclas Silfverschiöld in 1964.

Queen Josefina's Legacy

The tiara was probably a gift from Napoleon to his wife, Empress Josephine, in 1809. It was made at the Nitot studio in Paris. The empress bequeathed the tiara to her granddaughter Josefina who, on 19 June 1823, became the Crown Princess of Sweden when she married Crown Prince Oscar (the future King Oscar I).

With the next generation of the Bernadotte dynasty, the tiara was owned by Queen Josefina's daughter Princess Eugénie, who in turn left the tiara to her nephew Prince Eugen.

The prince gave the tiara to Princess Sibylla on her marriage to Prince Gustaf Adolf in 1932. The King was left the tiara by his mother.

The Bridal Bouquet
The Crown Princess´s bridal bouquet consists of a mixture of traditional Swedish summer flowers and more exotic flowers. All the flowers are white, and the bouquet is tied into a free teardrop shape.

The Crown Princess´s bridal bouquet includes the following flowers: lily of the valley, rose, phalaenopsis orchid, peony, clematis, cosmos, wax flower, sweet pea, dicentra formosa, Mårbacka pelargonium, Amazon lily, gardenia, azalea, bleeding heart and the traditional myrtle from Sofiero.

The Bridal Veil
The Crown Princess is wearing Queen Sofia's lace veil. It is the same veil that was worn by Crown Princess Victoria's mother, Queen Silvia, at her marriage to King Carl Gustaf in 1976.

This veil was given by Queen Sofia to her youngest son, Prince Eugen. Prince Eugen then passed the veil on to Princess Sibylla, who wore it under a garland of myrtle at her marriage to Prince Gustaf Adolf in Koburg in 1932.

Queen Sofia's veil was also worn by the Princesses Désirée in 1964, Margaretha in 1964 and Christina in 1974.

Wedding Banquet

We'll have pics of the guests later today, royal-watching kittens.

Source: "Sweden celebrates the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria" [Telegraph]

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