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There Ain't No Famewhore Like a Gay Famewhore

*cracks knuckles*
Oh kittens, let's DO this!

We kept hearing about this one and wondering if it would find its way onto our lovely little blog here. Well, Gawker has the scoop on LOGO's new Real Housewives-but-with-a-twist reality show, tentatively titled The A-List (Vom. It.) We order you all to go over there and check out the collection of carb-starved fame whores. Do it. Now.

Reichen Lehmkuhl and boyfriend Rodiney Santiago, Mike Ruiz, Marc Jacobs' ex-boyfriend Austin A.,
Derek Lloyd Saathoff, Ryan Nikulas

A fucking trainwreck of epic proportions, amirite? Kittens, the gods of blogging came down from heaven and intoned, "T Lo, you MUST blog the shit out of this show. Too long have you wasted your bitchery on fashion designers and other marginally talented people. The time has come for you to unsheath your claws on the people who deserve it more than any other in the universe: vapid gays."

And so it shall come to pass, kittens. If you thought we were bitches when we didn't like a hemline, just you wait. Hell hath no fury like a gay turning on his fellow gays. Even after 4 years of blogging, the world still doesn't realize just how sharp our tongues can get. Strap yourselves in, darlings. Come the fall, we won't be holding back. And if you're thinking of joining in, you best stock up on your nail files, ladies because those claws are gonna need to be sharp!


Source: Introducing the Cast of the 'Gay Housewives of New York' [Gawker]

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