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Thom Browne Spring 2011

Are we not men?

Darlings, here's a little test of your minionhood. If you can correctly answer the following question then you are the bitterest of kittens.

Are you ready?

Which one of us is absolutely in love with this collection and wants to own every piece?

If you said "Lorenzo," congratulations. Your bitterness is unparalleled. As for the collection, summed it up:

"The opening—a march-past of "astronauts"—promised signature space oddities from Browne, but then the man-droids stripped off their jumpsuits to reveal two-button jackets, Bermuda shorts, and kneesocks underneath. In other words, a straightforward presentation of one of the designer's most sellable looks in an all-styles-served-here range of options, from his own classic gray flannel to a shimmering sequined plaid. The designer loves a uniform, and this is probably his most uniform look, so the event acted as a newcomer's introduction to his singular aesthetic. For those already partial to his work, it was a chance to see Browne's concentration on his craft: the fabric development, the appliqu├ęs, the embroidery, even his morbid wit (one motif featured a shark pursuing innocent little goldfish)."

It's a beautifully tailored, witty and fun collection, very much in the Thom Browne mold. These aren't clothes for every man but the more dandified will find something for their next cruise or country club appearance.

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