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Versace Spring 2011

Stray cat strut. likes what it sees:

"The eighties hold a powerful sway over the house of Versace, and Martyn Bal, new man on the company's menswear block, certainly didn't resist their appeal in his debut collection. Inspired by the photos Bruce Weber took of rockabilly boys at the end of that decade and drawing on references from old Versus and Jeans Couture collections, Bal offered up a Stray Cats version of the Versace man."

"These included faux-bib-fronted shirts, a drape jacket with a shawl collar in black leather, jackets and trousers in sheeny tonic fabric, low-slung leather pants with fringes trailing from the side seams, and a big cream overcoat, also bedecked with showgirl fringe. A donkey jacket in red leather looked grown-up by comparison."

We always did love the rockabilly look and it's been long enough since the last time it was a fad that its return seems fresh. We don't know if this collection will inspire a new rockabilly fad on par with the early '80s and mid-'50s ones, but it's always nice to see tight pants and two-tone shoes on a good-looking man with fantastic hair, don't you think?

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