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Vogue Korea: Fadeless Flowers

A little gorgeous for your day.

Vogue Korea June 2010 Issue
Editorial: "Fadeless Flowers"

Photographer: Hyea W. Kang

Model: Lee Hyun Yi

Fashion Editor: Lee Ji Ah

Hair: Lee Hye Young

Makeup: Choi Si No

We've featured several Vogue China editorials that didn't feature Chinese or Asian models, which some readers found to be a sad commentary on the fashion world. Although to be fair, just because we haven't featured them on the blog doesn't mean such editorials don't exist. Those readers might be pleased to see the following editorial from Vogue Korea featuring the stunning Korean model Lee Hyun Yi. Additionally, the gorgeous styling evokes some of the motifs of traditional Korean clothing, like the rich colors, layering and very high-waisted full skirts. Not that we want to read too much into it. We are far from experts on traditional Korean dress, although we would love to hear the thoughts of any of our readers who might be.

Even without such heady considerations, it's a gorgeous, rich, and detailed editorial and she is working the shit out of those clothes.

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