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Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

Say goodbye to the satin tights.

Darlings, it seems like everyone on the internet is talking about this and we simply had to offer our opinions. You should listen to us because we are:

a) Gay, and Wonder Woman is like a religious icon to us;

b) Fashion bloggers, which means everyone hangs onto our every word regarding anything style-related; and

c) 50% nerd.

You see, the New York Times is reporting that for her upcoming (out today, in fact) 600th issue - a landmark for any superhero but a record for a female one - DC Comics has decided to give the 69-year-old gal a makeover. A refresher course for those of you who don't follow these sorts of things:

1941 and the character debuts in a costume that's part war-time patriotism and part underwear fetish.

Over the years, some minor changes were made (mostly to the size of her panties and bustier), but she still retained her star-spangled bootyliciousness.

And now?

Fighting for her rights
In her...sensible black leggings?

She kind of looks like she's on her way to yoga class. In Vanilla Ice's old jacket. That sound you hear is the wail of drag queens the world over, all of whom wouldn't be caught dead in this thing.

But y'know? We don't totally hate this. We love the old gal but she was in desperate need of some freshening up on the style front. At the very least, she looks like she can run and jump without having her boobs pop out every minute. And the possibility of doing karate kicks without the risk of indecent exposure (or the need for a Brazilian wax) is always welcome in the superheroine community. At least that's what we hear. And she won't have to shave her legs every day, which will surely appeal to her Amazon sensibilities. Yeah, that jacket is atrocious but jackets on superheroes tend to be a lot more optional than a cape, so there's no rule that says she has to wear it all the time.

We give this look a thumbs up for functionality and for infusing her with a more modern look. The only real problem is that she doesn't look all that distinctive anymore. We applaud the turn away from star-spangled underwear, but now she looks like every female trainer that worked at every gym we ever went to.

What do you guys think about this pressing social issue?


Gold straps! We approve, so long as she chooses a clutch that isn't too matchy.

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Photo credit: DC Comics

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