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Yea or Nay: Repurposed Wedding Dresses

Here comes the not-bride.

We're not talking about that old wive's tale of taking up the hem on an ugly bridesmaid dress and magically turning it into a not-ugly cocktail dress. No one believes that one anymore. No, we're talking about wearing an actual wedding dress when it's not your wedding.

Kate Hudson attends the 2010 Golden Globe Awards in Marchesa Bridal Spring 2010.

Dakota Fanning attends the 2010 CFDA awards in Marchesa Bridal Spring 2011.

Darlings, we are officially declaring this a "thing." One celebrity doing it is bold, two doing it is a marketing push to expand your customer base. After all, do we believe it's a coincidence that in both instances it was a Marchesa Bridal piece being worn on the red carpet? Ha.

Marchesa Bridal Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Of course, neither of the red carpet choices look particularly bridal. They're basic Marchesa dresses in white. So what do you think, minions? Is this a thing you support? Are we going to see the full bridal drag eventually at movie premieres, complete with veil? Will starlets show up at the Oscars in something old, new, borrowed and blue? Will celebrity entourages be considered incomplete without a rose petal-strewing flower girl? And why did Vera Wang never figure this one out? She could have spent the last decade chucking one bridal gown after another down the red carpet.

What we're trying to ask is: Yea or Nay on the bridal red carpet trend?

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