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YSL Resort 2011

Ladies, we implore you all to go out and buy a turban immediately. It's time to bring them back.

Vogue was there and you weren't:

"Pilati looked at the way the 1940s were always in vogue at the house of Saint Laurent back in the day, starting with Monsieur Laurent’s infamous collection of spring 1971. If that one was super controversial in a country still able to remember the raw pain of occupation, Pilati’s vision of the decade was all elegance and charm, with flippy silk dresses with a little volume through the shoulders and a sharply defined waist, a bandeau top with a long skirt, and an exquisite cape-sleeved coat with high-waist wide pants."

We are loving the turban/bandeau top/palazzo pants combo. So very The Postman Always Rings Twice. In fact, the whole collection looks a bit like Lana Turner's wardrobe circa 1946. We can't get behind the bloomers, though. Not even Lana in a turban with a smoking gun in her hand could make us love bloomers. Still, there are plenty of cute pieces, like the butterfly dress with the green belt and the coat dress just below that.

[Photo Credit: Maria Valentino]

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