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Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2010

If I were king of the forest.

Fashion Wire Daily was there and we hate them for that:

“I had this image in my head of a proud lion, it was one Coco’s symbols, and I think it worked rather well. Huh?” opined Chanel’s couturier Karl Lagerfeld, beneath the mighty golden beast. So massive was the Lion King underneath the glass-canopied roof of the Grand Palais, visitors literally gasped as they entered the huge, custom-built circular arena."

"Opening looks featured lots of bouclé ideas, like double-breasted jackets cut with angle tails, while on the wrists multiple bracelets, bangles, wristbands and chains - again in a faded gold. Giant encrustations on limbs were a powerful reminder of how haute couture can, and will, set trends.

Lagerfeld sent out his quotient of beige – the biggest color so far in this reined-in season – but then suddenly accelerated two gears with a duo of Asian models in sizzling sexy coral mini dresses, trimmed and piped pearls, and worn elongated necklaces and chains. Talk about head turning sensations!

The couturier then wowed with a whole floral section with tiny alpine flowers made of bugle beads on strict skirts and remarkable faded jacquards used in opulent cocktails. Carnations floated across sumptuous tapestry-style tops in micro sequins, exceptional examples of Chanel’s famed atelier at full throttle and a material used in dramatic mini boots."

It's a gorgeous, thoughtful, detailed collection very much in the Chanel mode and there is not one piece that we don't love. He's an obnoxious ass, but there's no denying that Karl Lagerfeld always knows what he's doing. We keep staring at these pictures, grasping for something else to say, but there really isn't. The pictures speak for themselves.

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