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Christian Dior: Shanghai Dreamers

Models by Xerox.

Super-fabulous fashion, commercial, and fine art photographer Quentin Shih shot these stunning pictures to celebrate the reopening of the Dior boutique in Shanghai. This series of images featuring the Spring 2010 couture collection is to be displayed in the store windows.

He explains the work, entitled "Shanghai Dreamers" on his site:

"My inspiration came from a certain Chinese style of group photography but these ceremonial photographs marks a departure from a certain historical period and herald the future. I created some typical Chinese groupings; they replicate themselves, wearing plastic clothes. They stand on display in vast spaces or upon a stage - because they were, and still are dreamers. As China enters a new era, they begin to stand together upon a world stage, self-conscious and yet filled with power."

The pictures are gorgeous and it's a fantastic way to display the clothes. We admit, the replicated faces are more than a little disconcerting, but that's probably the point. If you walked past these in a window, you'd stop and look.

Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture Collection

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