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Christina Hendricks for LA Times Magazine

Hats? Joan Holloway never wears hats!

The Goods:
Christina Hendricks for LA Times Magazine

Photographed by Joshua Jordan

Styled by Hayley Atkin

Philip Treacy small blue beano in felt with stones:. Tim Szlyk for House of Lavande green collar necklace.

The Quotes:

On Joan Holloway:
"Joan certainly is in the workforce before many women did such a thing, and she excels at it. She really has all these men on their knees in terms of needing her professionally, and I think there’s nothing wrong with how she has gone about getting there. I don’t think it’s not feminist to use every tool you have to succeed, and part of that is being a woman—presenting yourself in a certain way. And yet she has these things in her home life, with her husband, that are very old-fashioned and frustrating. She is definitely a woman of her times."

On playing the acordion:
"I started taking lessons four or five years ago. It is such a rich instrument for one person. You can get so much out of it, like a one-man band. I also think it’s a very romantic instrument, and it channels all the things I love—French culture, Tom Waits—and all the things I try to make my house look like. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. Then I got a show in Canada [Kevin Hill, with Taye Diggs], and I wasn’t able to bring it with me, because it’s cumbersome, so I dropped it. I was getting quite good at it."

On red carpet dresses:
"There is a pressure that you absolutely have to wear it when someone says they would like to loan you a dress or make a dress for you. That can be very difficult, especially if you have never seen the dress. Can you imagine if someone said that to you, say, about your wedding? “Trust me! I’ll make something beautiful!” It feels a little like that—it all happens very last minute. But if you don’t wear it, they give it to someone else. And at the end of the day, everyone gets a pretty dress."

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The Pics:

Philip Treacy blue skull slice hat in felt with flower and feather. Camilla and Marc black hall frock.

Irene Bussemaker feather face piece. Harry Winston diamond lariat necklace, 39.5 carats. Harry Winston sapphire and diamond ring, 13.5 carats. Harry Winston peridot “Suspension by Harry Winston,” 6.27 carats.

Philip Treacy small green beano in felt with feathers. Harry Winston turquoise and diamond chandelier earrings, 45 carats. David Mandel for House of Lavande necklace. House of Lavande 1940s marcasite and purple stone ring.

Laura Kranitz vintage ostrich-plume pom-pom cap. Alexis Bittar Swarovski-crystal-encrusted collar.

The Opinions:

She looks AMAZING. How nice to see that for once, this isn't about her body but about her too-often-unremarked-upon face, which is breathtaking. We do think the heavy eyeliner going all the way to the inner corner of her eye isn't really a good look for her, but everything else is perfection. We never would have thought that she'd be the type for hats, but there she is, rocking the hell out of each of them. We kinda figured that she'd be the type for huge and dramatic jewelry, though. Something about the pale skin and huge eyes makes her a perfect canvas for it. Gorge.

BALMAIN for women