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Georges Chakra Haute Couture Fall 2010

Ruffles and origami are not leaving the red carpet any time soon.

Red carpet favorite Georges Chakra showed his haute couture collection and it's typically Chakra; bold and architectural with lots and lots of folding and draping and origami-like structures. If we sound dismissive we don't mean to. These are beautiful dressed with precision execution to be sure. It's just that we almost feel like we can scroll down and pick who's going to wear what. "Oh, there's a Witherspoon, and that looks like a Saldana, and maybe over here we have a couple of Blanchetts. In fact, let's make it a game. Pair the starlet with the look. We guarantee, someone will get some of the right.

The bad news is that, as we said above, these dresses where you need an engineering degree just to get it on are still going to be gracing the red carpet. At least that's bad news to us because we're bored out of our minds looking at all of these folded napkins. The good news is that color seems to be back in a big way. We could do without all those repetitive purples, but color is color and we'll take it any way we can get it.

It's cute how we sound like we have some sort of stake in what these celebrities wear, isn't it?

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