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Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Fall 2010

Sunday fab.

"Dazzling" is not a word we use enough in our daily conversations. Actually, we don't use it at all. Looking at Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika's haute couture collection, however, the word just keeps popping up in our heads. Can you blame us? Is this collection not the very definition of the word? Are you not dazzled? Because we are. There's so much to love here and that in itself is a thing to love. There's such a range, from unusual silhouettes that force you to reconsider the body's proportions to sleek and simple, to the origami dresses that no designer is allowed to skip, apparently. And then he manages to top it all off with a wedding gown that, wonder of wonders, is actually original and unique and eye-catching. We didn't think that was even possible. Granted, we think the fabric selection and color story border on tacky more than once, but we just love the shapes and the range and the detailing and, well, just the dazzling fabulousness of it all.

[Photo Credit: firstVIEW]

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