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In or Out: Angelina Jolie in Japan

Business in the front, party in the back.

Angelina Jolie attends the "Salt" Japan Premiere at Tokyo International Forum
in Tokyo, Japan wearing a vintage Versace gown.

Enh. Too much forcing the eye. "You can look at one leg, one arm, and a patch of skin on my back. That's it, motherfuckers. The rest is for Brad."

We gave her a pass on that red one the other day because it's hard to go wrong with a dress like that, but she falls back on the black, flowy goddess gowns way too much and the weirdness of this one doesn't necessarily make it more interesting. And what the fuck is going with the Sarah Palin hair? Not a good choice, Ange.

She's got so much going on due to genetics and some well-chosen plastic surgery, but she never seems to consider that she can really maximize her look with the right clothes, jewelry, hair and makeup. We get the whole "I'm so hot I can make anything look good" attitude - and truth be told, it's served her pretty well - but someone needs to point out to her that it's not about making the clothes look good; it's about using them to make her look as good as possible.


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