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In or Out: January Jones

Betty puts her pants on.

January Jones attends the cocktail party at the Louis Vuitton store on
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 Collection
Model: Anne Vyalitsyna

January! (February! March!) You got it right! You look really cute and cool and chic! You're wearing pants and you're rocking them! Okay, they're a little wrinkled, but you're only human. And sure, that's a pretty high waist, but that's the style and if tiny little women with 10-inch waists can't wear high-waisted pants then who can?

No, kittens, this is an unambiguous IN for Miss Jones. That top is super-sweet and paired with the pants, it makes for a chic look. Oh sure, she's mimicking the runway look pretty closesly, but we've established time and again that this poor girl needs some guidance, so we'll take it.

Y'know, we're all for starlets breaking out the chic pants every once in a while when they know they're going to be photographed. It makes for a nice change from the usual folded-napkin dress + beartrap shoes look that's getting really old. It works especially well for January because we suspect a lot of her disastrous red carpet choices were born out of a desire to separate her image from that of the '60s housewife she was born to play. She doesn't look anything like Betty Draper here but she does look good. Mission accomplished.

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