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In or Out: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A boy! Quick! Judge him!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt attends the World Premiere of "Inception"
at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England.

How cute is he? We applaud the use of plaid. You never, ever see guys wearing plaid suits on the red carpet. It's understandable. So much can go wrong with a plaid and sometimes you don't find out what went wrong until you see the pictures. Whoever dressed him - it's possible he did, since stylists tend to flock more around the ladies - did a fantastic job and wisely chose a very understated plaid that photographs well.

In addition, the fit is fantastic. We must do our duty and rail against the too-long pants, which cause all kinds of breakage going halfway up the knee. Yes, bitchy fashionistas, it's what the young guys do, but it's still an eyesore. We like the slim, tailored look but we can't get behind the too-long pants. Also, the shirt seems to be pulling quite a bit. The problem with those tightly tailored jackets that look so good on young slim guys is that they have to wear a really tight shirt underneath and trying to put a tie on a tight shirt causes all kinds of pulling.

We might normally take points off for being all one tone. That dark tie and matching dark shirt thing can read a little '90s sometimes but we think it's entirely appropriate here. Plaid has its own rules, especially if you're going to be photographed. Keeping everything very simple and unified on the color front was a smart choice. IN.

Wow. That was fun! More boys, please!

And we can't WAIT for that Inception flick to come out. It looks awesome.

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