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Mad Men in Times Square

Because we can't stop talking about Mad Men.

January Jones and Elisabeth Moss attended the premiere screening of "Mad Men" Season 4 in Times Square last night. Let's judge them.

January Jones in Versace

Versace's her go-to and it's not a bad dress at all, but the real story here is that hair. Betty, why? Also, we want to beat the stylist going around telling everyone to wear nude shoes on the red carpet.

Elisabeth Moss

Also not a bad dress for her, all things considered. It's a good silhouette for her, but the lack of color makes it look like an ice-skater's costume. That's the best her hair's looked in a long time.

Chris March was also there to judge the costume contest and they celebrated Elisabeth's birthday with a big-ass cake. Enjoy the pics, darlings!

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