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NinaCaps: Press 2 for Español

La Nina speaks her mind.

Nina en Español, kittens! Kind of funny that in all the seasons of the show, we'd never seen her speak her native tongue before. Then again, perhaps there was good reason for that.

"Casanova! Casanova. I really like saying Casanova. So Casanova, tell us why you deserve to stay here. Casanova!"

"Jesus, I don't have time for this. I'm supposed to get pregnant this afternoon. Garcia, you're up."

"Heidi, he said he should stay because he has a dream and a vision for how clothes can be and he just wants to make women feel beautiful, and then something about his mother back home in Puerto Rico, and possibly also something about overcoming drug addiction. While raising a child. Five children."

"You are all CRAZY in New Jork!"

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