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Padma Lakshmi's Jewelry

Nipple ring.

We've been meaning to highlight Padma Lakshmi's jewelry collections for a while now and we keep forgetting to. The posts lately have gotten a little repetitive, what with all the Mad Men and Meet the Designers posting, so we thought we'd take a break between them - an amuse-bouche, if you will - and get on with it.

Padma? Why don't you tell us a little about it?

"So, why jewelry? When I started doing Top Chef, there was nothing in the marketplace that I wanted to wear. A girlfriend of mine, who I now design with, made ten pieces for me. I just drew them with a pad and pencil and showed her pieces in my personal collection that I wanted updated. It was pretty simple stuff — very delicate, very feminine, it all had movement, and was designed to enhance and adorn, rather than upstage. People started asking me where I got it."

The Indian influence is pretty subtle ... Obviously I’m influenced by my background. I’d be thickheaded if I didn’t [take inspiration from it], but I also wanted to do it in a modern way. I did the slate silver because of what was happening on the Paris, Milan, and New York runways. You never see that color metal in Indian jewelry. You see oxidized silver but it’s always very hippie. I wanted really high-end and luxurious — something that would go with your Balenciaga motorcycle jacket."

Dangling Pod Bangle, Pod-Embossed Bangle

Upper-Arm Citrine Band, Adjustable Pod Hand Piece

Olive Branch Earrings, Pod Hoop Earrings

Mini Lattice Earrings, Green Garnet & Peridot Hoop Earrings

Jasmine Flower Earrings, Multi-Stone Fringe Earrings

Garnet Jasmine Earrings, Tiered Pod Earrings

Spider Flower Earrings, Bean & Pod Earrings

Cup Earrings, Diamond Clove Earrings

Raksha Ruby Ring, Nav Cluster Ring

The only ones we're not crazy about are the rings, especially the one that looks like a lumpy boob.

In other Padma Lakshmi news, we're kind of excited about the announcement of the Top Chef, Just Desserts spinoff. People always ask why we don't blog Top Chef. The reason is simple: we're just not crazy about the show. For one, you can't really have an opinion on the offerings because you can't taste or smell the food. For another...look, we're just gonna say it: Chefs are dicks. Way moreso than fashion designers. We've always found the constant fighting on the show to be a bit of a turnoff. But a dessert show sounds like something right up our alley. Not that we're gonna blog it; just that, for once, we might actually watch an entire season of Top Chef.

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