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PRS8: Meet Casanova

Cher wears less makeup than this when she's on stage.

Age: 33
Birthplace/Hometown: Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Current Home: Astoria, NY

Current occupation? Fashion designer.
What are your strengths as a designer?
I work under pressure, in record time, challenging the lines of the body and the force of gravity!
What's influenced your designs over the years?
Pioneer people such as Luisa Capetillo, first Puerto Rican woman to wear pants in public.
Any other cultures or places you wish you could design for?
What's your biggest fear as a designer?
Maybe being in charge of bridal or kids' wear!
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
Showing underwear seams.
Favorite Designer:
John Galliano
Style Icon:
Josephine Baker
Project Runway challenge you wish they'd bring back for your season?
Dress the mothers of the contestants.
Favorite Past Project Runway Designer(s):
Rami Kashou, Season 4; Seth Aaron Henderson, Season 7

Before he was a fashion designer, Casanova’s past occupations while living in his native Puerto Rico, included serving as a personal shopper, stylist, image consultant and even red carpet television host. He trained at the Carlota Alfaro Institute and Lisa Thon School of Design and gains much of his inspiration from history of pioneering people, such as Luisa Capetillo, the first Puerto Rican woman to wear pants in public. Casanova looks at fashion as a form of communication, not just a form of vanity so its no wonder he views some of his designs as works of art, such as the “naked dress” he created.

Why he’ll win?
Casanova’s previous work gives him insight on what works on the body for a wide range of people. His ability to work well under pressure – and in record time – will be well suited for the challenges of Project Runway.

Josephine Baker...underwear seams... these are pretty good answers, when you think about it. Galliano for favorite designer - ONLY Galliano - that's a little worrying. Expect crazy shit.

Home Visit:
We love that his mother gave him several gallons of cologne as a going-away gift.

Casting Session:
Uh-oh, kids! Aunt Nina and Aunt Michael are going to use the dreaded "TASTE ISSUES" criticism! You heard it hear first!

Y'know, "Carlos Casanova" is a much better name for branding reasons. Someone should tell him that. As for the clothes, well, we'll have to go on what we saw in the video, because his portfolio (at least the one on the Lifetime site)...

...confuses us. Is this some sort of look book? Because naked men. Did he design the peenderwear? We recognize the "Naked Dress" from his casting, which, by the way, fits well but is tacky as hell. Other than that, we don't know what we're looking at here. You can see the potential for wackadoo, though. He reeks of it. Plus the language barrier should be fun. Nina can tear him a new one en EspaƱol when he sends a model wearing a lampshade and some duct tape down the runway. You know it's coming.

More info on Casanova at

We thought we had more designers to get to but that's all, folks. We'll have a review of the premiere episode for you tomorrow (thanks for the screener, Lifetime peeps) to whet your appetite and then it's T LOunge time, bitches!

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