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PRS8: Meet Mondo Guerra and Andy South

Fashion queens!

Age: 32
Birthplace/Hometown: Denver, CO
Current Home: Denver, CO

Current occupation? Freelance designer.
Favorite Designer(s): Paco Rabanne, Schiaparelli, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Edith Head, Gareth Pugh, Vivienne Westwood, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jean-Paul Gaultier.
What is a fashion must? Accessories.
What are your strengths as a designer? Ability to adapt, experiment, think outside the box. Not afraid of criticism. Passionate.
What's influenced your designs over the years? Friends & family, good music. Recently, postapocalyptic, fantasy and sci-fi movies have inspired me.
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy? Matchy-patchy ''trendsetters.''
Any other cultures or places you wish you could design for? Japanese streetwear.
Style Icons: Pee-Wee Herman, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson
Project Runway challenge you hope they bring back for your season? The drag queen challenge!
Favorite Past Project Runway Designer: Jay McCarroll, Season 1. And I was always attracted to Kit Scarbo (Season 4) for both her designs and her personal style.

Freelance designer Mondo began experimenting with design in high school where he used a glue- gun and clothing from thrift-stores to create his garments that he would wear to raves. He later apprenticed for a millenary and learned how to cut from patterns and sew. From there, he won a portfolio contest for a junior streetwear company which earned him a position as a designer in New York. He later moved back to Denver and began working in the wardrobe department for a professional theater company. Mondo is frequently influenced in his designs by his friends and family and finds inspiration in fantasy, apocalyptic and sci-fi movies.

Why he’ll win?
Mondo’s ability to adapt, experiment and think outside of the box, coupled with his passion and ability to take criticism will take him far in the competition.

Okay, anyone who can list Pee-Wee Herman as a style icon deserves to be on this show.

Home Visit:
"Now get out." LUV. HUH. Plus he likes plaid!

Casting Session:
Those pants really are pretty cool. And that poodle top is TDF.


Hello, strong point of view! If he's as fast as he says he is and if he can execute well within the time constraints, we predict he's gonna go the distance.

Andy South
Age: 23
Birthplace/Hometown: Waipahu, Hawaii
Current Home: Honolulu, Hawaii

Current occupation?
Freelance designer, and personal assistant to another designer.
Can you describe past jobs you've had?
Michael Kors sales associate, teaching assistant and student counselor, tailoring apprentice.
What is a fashion must?
Confidence and nerve.
What are your strengths as a designer?
I sew like I.m in a sweatshop.
What's influenced your designs over the years?
CULTURE! People and Asian lifestyles. Also the combination of punk, Goth and club-kid aesthetics.
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
Project Runway challenge you hope they bring back for your season?
Children's wear. Favorite Designer(s): Yohji Yamamoto, Christopher Decarnin and John Galliano
Style Icon:
Audrey Hepburn
Favorite Past Project Runway Designer:
Christian Siriano, Season 4 Andy always knew he was meant to create and his fiery passion for clothing lead him towards the path of clothing design.

He attended Honolulu Community College where he earned an Associates degree in Fashion Technology and further refined his raw talent. In 2007, Andy won an award for Best Daywear in the statewide “Fresh FACE of Nu’uanu” fashion competition. He finds his design influences in the Asian culture as well as the combination of punk, Goth and club kid aesthetics. Some of his past jobs have included working as a sales associate at a Michael Kors retail store, alterations and tailoring at Nordstrom, serving as a teaching assistant at Honolulu Community College and counseling students at the University of Hawaii.

Why he’ll win?

Andy believes he’s innovative and different from other designers. His point of view is strong and very distinct and he has a knack for working quickly and thrives under pressure. He says, “I was MADE for this competition! They just don’t know Hawaii is bringing the pain!”

Okay, it's bad enough when someone answers "Coco Chanel" to the question "Who is your style icon?" But Audrey Hepburn is an even worse answer. Come on now. Show a little imagination.

Home Visit:
Our lives will not be complete until we can utter the sentence "This is my draping room."

Casting Session:
We're impressed. That coat is cool, that blouse with the convertible sleeves is cool, and that hoodie he's wearing is cool.


And yet, we're a little underwhelmed by the portfolio. He's definitely got some skills and a handle on the innovative stuff they're looking for. We fear he's a bit too sweet for the competition, though. He looks like one bad word from Nina will cause him to collapse into tears.

More info on Mondo Guerra and Andy South at

[Video Credit: - Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ Shih via Andy South's MySpace Page/Jeff Ball via Model Mayhem]

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