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Shelley O: Oh, Shelley.

Sigh. Have you listened to nothing we've said?

Mrs. O made a little trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi; first to check out the Emergency Operations Center for Jackson County and thank the Coast Guard for their efforts to contain the oil spill, and then to visit the Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding facility to christen the third U.S. Coast Guard National Security cutter Stratton named in honor of Dorothy C. Stratton, the U.S. Coast Guard's first female commissioned officer.

Busy day, right? So let's check out what she wore.

Peter Som Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Alice Gibb

Honestly, this woman has the worst belt sense in history. Constantly putting them on outfits that don't need them and, like here, not putting one on an outfit that clearly needs one. Aside from that, it's a really cute look. Would that she had paired it with some more colorful shoes because the blue shoes on the model make a huge difference. Oh, Mrs. O. How you torture us. On the one hand, you wear designers like Peter Som and that's fantastic. On the other hand, you have terrible matching skills - nonexistent ones, really - and you drive these two queens to distraction. She said last week she was thrilled to meet Tim Gunn. We just pray he did a solid for fussy queens everywhere and took her aside for some quick, on-the-fly Accessorizing 101. You didn't let us down, did you Tim?

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