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Yea or Nay: Mondrian Swimwear

Colorforms fun.

Ever since Yves St. Laurent unveiled his Mondrian dress in the mid '60s, designers have returned to the Dutch artist's famous grid paintings again and again for inspiration and (oftentimes literal) interpretations. The latest to return to the well is Australian designer Sarah Schofield with her Mondrian Swimwear Collection.

Enh. We don't dislike them. They make for good pictures, certainly. Obviously they're not terribly practical from a tan line perspective, and the granny panties aren't going to make them a must-have item for the average beachgoer. Plus, as we said, they're not the most original thing we've ever seen in fashion. We don't want to say NAY outright, because, as we also said, they make for good pictures. Very much a stylist thing rather than something you're going to see people wear; more for fashion editorials and swimsuit issues than for poolside.

Source: "Mondrian Swimwear Collection by Sarah Schofield" [TrendLand]

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