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Chelsea Clinton Got Married

Just in case you hadn't heard.

We had ZERO intention of covering this wedding because apparently everyone else in the world is already covering it. Hey, everyone in every media outlet everywhere, here's an idea: why don't you do a slideshow of "Chelsea Through the Years?" That would be a fresh and exciting take. Seriously, people. Calm the fuck down. She's a former first daughter. There are dozens of them. She's not Princess Diana. Get a hold of yourselves.

But if we can feature pics from that Swedish royal wedding, featuring countless people we never heard of wearing one dowdy gown after another, then by God, we can feature a little Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta on this blog. Besides, we're going lampshade shopping this morning because that's the kind of scintillating, style-conscious, sophisticated gays we are. We might even have brunch. We figured these will tide you over until we get back.

Anyway, here are the initial pics. Expect more to be thrown in the mix throughout the day. Chelsea looks good. It's not the most original bridal look in the world (Hello? Vera Wang.) but she certainly didn't make any mistakes either. Safe and pretty. We go back and forth on Hillary's de la Renta gown. God bless her, she never was a woman with any style instincts. She tries but there's always something off when she ventures past her pantsuits. The silhouette's usually too bulky, she doesn't seem to have any consistent sense of what colors work for her, and she tends to equate dressing up with dressing a little showy, utilizing bright graphics or metallics that don't always suit her. This pink thing looks to be more of the same.

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