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Christina Hendricks for London Fog

Former Sterling Cooper Office Manager hired to model for former Sterling Cooper client.

Darlings, everyone on the internet is talking about this this morning. It's your turn to jump in and opinionate. London Fog unveiled their new ad campaign with the gorgeous Christina Hendricks done up in full-on Joan Holloway drag. Take a look.

Whoever styled this shoot knows what Christina herself seems to struggle against: She never looks as good as she does when she's done up retro. Hence the Joan updo bouffant and the heavy eye makeup. Although truth be told, we could have done without the latter. More modern eye makeup paired with that messy version of her Joan 'do would have been perfect, in our opinion.

Still, she looks great and it's always a good thing when a woman who isn't starving herself to death gets hired for this sort of thing. Bravo to London Fog and bravo to Christina.

Behind-the-scenes Looks:

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