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Emmys 2010 Red Carpet, Part 3

We're exhausted, but we do it all for you, our little unborn fawns.

Kyra Sedgwick in Monique Lhuillier Fall 2010

This is a really great color on her and the style suits her very well. On the other hand, we think this dress practically requires an up 'do and a necklace of some sort. We don't like the hair at all. Also not loving the clutch.

Carrie Preston in Makoto Takada

We wanted to like this because it's a bold print and the colors are saturated, but no, we just can't. We totally cop to this as our own personal pet peeve so don't take this as some sort of style dictum, but we kinda hate when people wear clothes that match their hair color exactly. Black-haired people are exempt from this, but redheads, blondes and brunettes never look good in matching oranges, yellows and browns, respectively. At least to our eyes. Also, the cut on this dress isn't very flattering. Also also, nude shoes with this dress is a RIDICULOUS choice. This is what we mean, people. There's nothing technically wrong with a nude shoe but just because it's in right now doesn't mean you should pair it with every single thing you own.

Connie Britton in Burberry

Classic. We'd say there are no bad choices here, but honestly once the dress was put on, no other choices were made, except to keep it all simple. Hair and makeup are good and we can understand not wanting to pair too much jewelry with such a focus-pulling dress. That necklace is quite pretty. Navy blue was definitely the color this year.

Eva Longoria Parker in Robert Rodriguez

She definitely loves her mermaid dresses. We're a bit over them, but this is a nice one and we can't deny that the girl definitely knows how to pose on the RC.

Julianna Margulies in L'Wren Scott Fall 2010

Stunning. We'd have recommended a little serum for the hair, but the dress is a total knockout.

Glenn Close

We don't get it. We really don't. How does someone leave the house knowing that they're wearing this?

Jennifer Carpenter in Oday Shakar

Flawless. And the hairstyle was the perfect choice with this dress.

Jennifer Westfeldt in Giorgio Armani

We'll get to her in a minute. We have to say this: while Jon Hamm is a ridiculously good-looking man who was born to wear a tux, we always get a little suspicious when a leading man's hair suddenly looks much, much fuller than it ever did before. Jon, did you get a new hair piece? There. That'll get them screaming in the comments.

As for her, we'll be equally as blunt. We hate the dress. Hate the color, hate the proportions, hate the weird swirly pattern. It kind of looks like a giant 20 dollar bill.

Jessalyn Gilsig in Nicole Miller

Like Jayma Mays, Jessalyn seems to have been determined to show up looking as little like her Glee character as possible. This works. It's not earth-shattering, but it works. We like that hairstyle on her the more we look at it.

Kristen Quintrall in Heike Jarick

What a bizarre-looking dress. In the medium shots it looks like there's someone crouching just out of camera range, pulling on the front of her dress. In fact, with the weirdly melting bodice and the ridiculous pool of fabric around her feet, it looks like the whole thing is gonna slide right off her at any second.

Lauren Graham in Yigal Azrouƫl Resort 2011

The hair's not right and the Wonder Woman poses aren't helping, but we actually like this dress. It's just striking and weird enough to be eye-catching without being too weird for the red carpet.

Mariska Hargitay in Vera Wang

Stunning. Breathtakingly beautiful. Can't tear our eyes away.

She looks good too. Okay, it's a little bridal.

Is it us, or is he looking more and more like a hot A-List gay the older he gets?

Naya Rivera in Simin

We're sorry, we know that objectively speaking this look is a little tacky and a little over the top, but we literally yelped "Holy shit on a sandal!" in glee when we saw her for the first time. Honestly, this is so "drag queen as Chita Rivera" that we can't help loving it just a little bit for its boldness. And we have to believe that these choices were made deliberately, with a little sense of humor involved. In other words, based on past appearances on the RC, we think she and her stylist decided to just have a little fun.

Paula Abdul in Dolce & Gabbana

This is a lovely dress and we don't like to comment on physical stuff, but she simply doesn't look healthy here. In fact, she looks like she's in pain. We feel bad for her.

Susan Sarandon in Donna Karan

If there's one thing Donna Karan knows how to do, it's dress mature women who aren't sample sized and make them look sexy and fabulous. She really looks great here. And the sunglasses are so perfect for the look.

Amber Riley in Melissa Masse

It's a super-sweet dress and it flatters the hell out of her. She looks adorable.

Toni Collette in Valentino Resort 2011

Nothing says stylish like fungus growing up your skirt.

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