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Glee at Fox All-Star Party

One of the best dressed casts on TV.

Let's do this speed-dating style. Ready? GO!

Lea Michele in Giambattista Valli

"I WILL win that fucking Emmy, bitches."

She looks great, but we're telling ya, she won't make any mistakes between now and the Emmys. She's locked into a look and her gays won't let her stray a millimeter from it.

Matthew Morrison

He always dresses well and this outfit is no exception, but that's the wrong collar to be wearing with a vest. He's all askew. And you can't wear your tie loose with the top button done. If you want to do that sexy, slightly disheveled look (which, by the way, he can pull off very well), then unbutton the top button, otherwise, tighten that tie.

Pet peeve: the break is too long on his pants.

Chris Colfer

This is a cute outfit and obviously this isn't a formal event, but he probably should have put a little effort in, especially since the skinny little bitch looks great in suits.

Cory Monteith

Ugh. Black suit, white shirt, no tie. Whenever we see a celebrity dressed like this for the red carpet (and we see it a lot), we always think it looks half-assed. If you're going tieless then don't wear a white shirt; otherwise you look like a first year associate during happy hour.

But Cory, from one big, block-shaped guy (Tom) to another: don't go tieless. A tie can help define a man's body the way a cinched waist defines a woman's.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Cute, but doesn't it seem like this is the only dress she owns? We could swear we've seen this on her several times before. Break out of the rut, Jenna.

Jayma Mays in BCBG

That outfit is ten kinds of adorable but we are NOT loving the hair and makeup, which, weirdly, makes her look like Judy Garland circa A Star is Born. And honeys? That's not a compliment.

Harry Shum

Cutehot. So cutehot that we don't even mind the flapping suspenders.

And we'll be the bitches who say it: only Asian guys can pull off that chunky windswept look.

Jessalyn Gilsig

Cute dress, hair and makeup, but that's not the best color for her.

Kevin McHale

Never does it wrong. The kid's got style.

Pet peeve: another too-long break.

Mark Salling

Looks good, but how much Vaseline did he have to smear on his thighs to get those pants on?

You can't get that image out of your head now, can you?

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