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In or Out: Selma Blair

An amuse-bouche between Auf Wiedersehen posts, poodles.

Selma Blair attends the Los Angeles premiere of "Middlemen"
held at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood in Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Aminata Niaria (IMG)


We were prepared to hate this because it's so shapeless, but y'know? One queen's shapeless is another queen's simple and classic. The more we look at this the more we like it. After all, haven't we been bitching ad nauseam about all those too-complicated, folded-napkin dresses in the Marchesa mold? Good for her for dressing in a chic and uncomplicated manner.


Well, you know we couldn't get out with some criticisms. The shoes are cute and we're fine with black peep-toes paired with this dress. What it really needed was some more colorful and/or eye-catching jewelry. We're not keen on the bangle. We're also not keen on the clutch and the old-lady hair. Seriously, what's up with her hair? Selma honey, you are, as they say, a style icon. Why do you look like Ann Landers from the neck up?

Still, we think she's rocking that dress, which is perfect for a late summer event like this. We'll give her an IN on blessed simplicity alone, but we would have advised differently on the detailing.

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