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PR: Congratulations!

Oh, Project Runway. Why do you do this to us?

Model: Alexandra

Why do you make us defend a garment we don't love?

Like everyone else in the western hemisphere, we shouted out "Are you fucking KIDDING me?" when the judges anointed Gretchen the winner again.

We're in pain here. We are forcing our fingers to type out the following but we want you all to know how difficult this is for us. Give us a moment.

Okay. We're better. We'll carry on. For you, kittens.

Look, we frikking HATE most jumpsuits and this one is no exception, BUT...

It is, for the most part, well made with some nice touches, like the open sides and the adjustable shoulders. It fits very well up top and there's a chic sexiness to the neckline.

On the other hand, sweet Jesus on a breadstick, look what she did to her ass.



Those little ankle ties are the WORST.

It wasn't until we saw the pictures that we started coming around.

Say what you will about jumpsuits, but they're very editorial. Which means they tend to look better in pictures than they probably deserve. And like it or not, they're trendy right now. Moreso than cute little red dresses.

But really, once we saw the billboard we had to admit, all doubts had vanished. While it's true you could put Coco Rocha in a pair of stained overalls and she'd make it look like the chicest thing you ever saw, we can't deny that the billboard really looks fantastic and modern and very of-the-moment. In addition, the outfit literally fills the screen from top to bottom, making it very eye-catching from the street. Valerie's dress would have made a fantastic cover dress for Marie Claire but it wouldn't have filled up a billboard the way a jumpsuit does.

So congrats once again to Gretchen. She's turning into quite the snooty little bitch and if the judges give her one more win she might just round the corner into insufferable, but upon reflection, we have to admit, the right person won last night. Even if we do feel that jumpsuits are the work of the devil.

And besides...

This was a great moment.

Much more fun to see than just a shot of a Marie Claire cover. Kudos to Valerie for being so genuinely happy for her. And kudos to the producers because this was a fun twist on the normal "cover of a magazine" type challenge.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

Extended Judging:

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