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¡Ay, caramba!

Oh, Casanova. You may just be the most exotically entertaining creature that workroom has seen since Malan Breton from Taiwan briefly graced its hallowed halls. From your turbans and genie shoes, to your nipples and cleavage proudly thrust in our faces, whether we asked for it our not, to your charmingly ESL way of putting things ("Once again, Casanova, you make another senior citizen garment."), you are solid entertainment to the core.

In an episode where a lesser personality would have certainly taken a back seat to Gretchen's focus-pulling antics, Casanova strapped on his pixie shoes, tweaked his nipples, and in true drama queen fashion, yanked the camera in his direction, with a couch-ridden soliloquy that had all the naked drama of Lady MacBeth as performed by Charo. "I'm in the verge to lose my mind. I'm fucking tired. I'm even getting FAT. I'm making fucking clothes for old ladies, sluts, Flamenco dancers."

Actually, for a drama queen rant it was surprisingly self-aware.

Thankfully his teammates were there to coddle him like the child pageant queen he is. "Who's a pretty princess, Casanova? Can you give us some of that sparkle, honey? You're better than all the other girls here, now come on, sweetie. Let mommy put your cowboy boots on you."

"Casanova, he has like a major, major, major diva moment. That's just baloney, man. Put your panties back on and do the job."

Of the many, many reasons to love Valerie, we think the top of the list has to be her tendency to dress like a guest star on Laverne & Shirley. Can't you just see her as the bad girl at the Pizza Bowl who goes after Carmine and gets into a hairpulling match with Shirley? Is that just us?

At any rate, Casanova had his proud diva moment and followed it up by knocking it out of the park. Sometimes a girl just needs to shut her door and have a good cry.

Model: Sarae

Although to be fair, we feel that if it had been a stronger week, this would have been a middle-of-the road entry.

Which probably sounds a little harsh. It's just that Team Bad News Bears' collection was a clear winner over Team Gretchen's Little Angels' collection. But that doesn't mean it was a great collection on its own. It just had more pop and more of a point of view and so it won by default.

Of all the looks in the collection, Casanova's had the right amount of drama combined with the right amount of wearability to it.

We love the pants.

Not so much the hardware running down the side, but definitely the fit and the proportions.

And he did a beautiful job on the back of the blouse.

Although we think the belt is cheesy. The blouse was what won it for him and fair enough, because it's bold and well-made.

Personally, we don't always respond well to overuse of lace. We realize it can be used well (Laura Bennett, most of the time) and we admit it's used well here. We just find it an uphill climb to love a black lace blouse.

Still, we're sounding more critical than we mean to. His was the best of the winning collection and it was a very stylish and editorial look, which is partially why the judges responded so well to it. We didn't love every aspect of the look, but we can't deny it's striking.

Well done, Casanova. You have struck a blow for flamboyant drama queens everywhere. Your loud and sometime overwrought sisters stand with you the world over in this, your moment of triumph!

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