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Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibition 1973- 2010

Because no one does cracktastic like Vivienne.

Darlings, British fashion titan Vivienne Westwood is the subject of a well-deserved retrospective in London, but instead of highlighting her eye-popping fashions over the years, this one narrowed its focus to her equally (if not more so) eye-popping shoe designs. "Vivienne Westwood Shoes: An Exhibition 1973- 2010" is at Selfridges Ultralounge in London August 26th-September 22nd and showcases nearly 200 shoes from the designer's archive and collections. It's a shame some of these pieces look a little beat up, but nothing can diminish the sheer insanity of some of her designs as well as the strange beauty. So strap on your penis shoes and head on out to take a look.

Or you could just scroll down.

Printed Leather Lace-up Boot, 1973

Hammerhead Trainer, 1981

Pirate Boot, 1981

Brocade Hammerhead Ankle Boot, 1982

Witches Three-tongued Shoe, 1983

Apollo Winged Shoe 1988

Rocking Horse Ankle Boot, 1988

Ankle Tie with Mirror Eyelet Boot, 1989

Ankle Tie with Mirror Eyelet Shoe, 1989

Red Boot with Mirror Buckle, 1989

Elevated Tartan Lace-up Shoe, 1992

Mock-crock Elevated Gillies, 1993

Super Elevated Lace-up Ankle Boot, 1993

Cafe Society Mary Jane Heart Buckle Shoe, 1994

On Liberty C17 Shoes, 1994

Super Elevated Cowboys Boot, 1994

Louis Vuitton Boot, 1995

Mary Jane Spoon Shoe, 1995

Penis Shoe, 1995

Tiger Satyr Boot, 1995

Trompe L'Oeil Tie Court Shoe, 1996

Candy Stripe Gillies, 1998

Linen Pirate Boot, 1998

Swarovski Sandals, 1998

Anglophilia Sack Boots, 2001

Green Satin Winter Boot, 2010

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