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Yea or Nay: FiveFingers Shoes

They're grippy!

We've said it before and we'll say it again...

Channing Tatum, Thomas Jane

When one celebrity does it, it's weird; when two celebrities do it, it's a trend.

else seems to be talking about them today, so what the hell, why don't we? We're referring to the weirdly named Vibram FiveFingers shoes:

Although shouldn't they be called Five Toe shoes? Maybe that's just us. We're terribly literal, you know. Here's what we think and then you'll all get a chance to speak. We think you might as well get on board with this now because this has the distinct whiff of a trend that's going to turn into a classic. In other words, once you open the door to 5-"finger" shoes, you're not going to be able to shut it again. Still, they do look pretty weird to us. All we can think when we look at them is "Man, that's gonna result in some nasty athlete's foot." Seriously. A workout shoe that encases each toe? These things must be dripping with sweat when you pull them off.

We say YEA to the general idea because like we said, it's probably not going away and besides, we can see just by looking at them what a benefit they would be when engaging in various sport or workout activities.

On the other hand, we say NAY to wearing them on a red carpet. Thomas Jane, shame on you.

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