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Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 Collection

Flowers go with everything.

Eric Wilson of the New York Times summed up the Carolina Herrera aesthetic best: "Her clothes are designed for people like her, who never seem to break a sweat and have the posture of a coat rack." And this collection isn't any different. No doubt it's a beautiful, feminine collection rendered in soft magentas, beiges and greens, but there is such a thing as being too feminine, what with all the bows and flowers. Her stated inspirations, Korean traditional clothes and 18th-century botanical prints, are perhaps a bit too far apart to make a cohesive statement. The Asian-inspired silhouettes and straw hats side by side with the wallpaper-like floral prints was a little confusing. Still, it's Carolina Herrera and stately, feminine clothing is the bit of land she's staked out on the fashion landscape. She does it well and she has a customer base more than willing to part with their money to get a piece of it. She knows what she's doing here.

[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage - Video Credit: YouTube/Kaiserfashion]

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