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Christian Siriano Spring 2011 Collection

This time in red. gets a little snotty, but they mostly nail it:

"Siriano explained his Spring inspiration as a mélange of various cultures from places he hasn't been; "A bit of African, a bit of Asian, a bit of Mediterranean-Greek," he said backstage. The vague references had vague execution—an abstracted Indian temple print here, a croc-patterned brocade safari suit there.

For the most part, the clothes were a catchall attempt at sophistication and glamour. But apart from the designer's personality, there isn't much of a sartorial story to tell. Siriano's clothes generally don't propose any fresh thinking about fashion or the way women should dress. And when they do, there's an air of the ridiculous. You could allow the draped gown half-swallowed in a nimbus cloud of ruffles as a showpiece, but not the printed suit with an asymmetrical ruffle that juts straight out for half a foot.

is something about Christian, and that can't be discounted. But it would be nice to see him shore up the goodwill and fame with clothes that can stand on their own."

We both had the same reaction to this collection. Aside from the interest provided by some of the shorter dresses, we're really not seeing anything here that he hasn't presented before. We sensed a little growth with his last two collections but this feels like a step back. Part of us wonders if the fashion isn't secondary to the shoes. He seems to have had great success with his various Payless lines and a New York Fashion Week runway show featuring the Payless brand is a pretty good marketing tool for them. We'll take a look at the shoes in another post, but the clothes just look like another explosion of ruffles crossed with some fairly standard pieces to balance the collection out. A little something for everyone but none of it tends to make you lean forward in your seat.

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