The Tom & Lorenzo Archives: 2006 -2011

D&G Spring 2011 Collection

Let's all go to a picnic in our 5-inch heels.

Domenico and Steffano took a walk in the garden for inspiration this time. The amazing flower-filled backdrop served as an exclamation point to the flower be-decked collection. We're seeing more examples of the '70s influence that's permeated this season, with the peasant blouses and maxi-skirts. The profusion of floral prints along with the ginghams and touches of denim give it a simple country gal feeling, D&G style. Which means simple country gals in platform heels. And if all the flowers and ginghams weren't girly enough, the boys slipped in some fun Disney Snow White prints to liven things up. It's a youthful and sweetly romantic collection with just enough attitude to remind you that you're looking at Dolce & Gabbana and not Minnie Pearl at the Grand Ole Opry

BALMAIN for women