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In or Out: Halle Berry in Roberto Cavalli

Making sluts hate her for going on 20 years now.

Halle Berry attends the "Swarovski Elements 22 Ways To Say Black" event at Philips de Pury in New York City. She wore a Roberto Cavalli dress and carried a Stella McCartney bag.

There was much heated discussion on Fire Island this weekend when someone mentioned that Aretha Franklin recently stated that she wanted Halle Berry to play her in a biopic. Much heated discussion, pro and con on the point. Dreamgirls was put in immediately and we all assessed Jennifer's chances. Some offense was taken when some of us (who may or may not have been opinionated bloggers) mentioned that Oscar aside, Halle isn't all that impressive on the acting front and most of the time she can barely do a convincing reading of ONE LINE in a Revlon commercial. It turned into a knife fight after that. Maybe you read about it.

Anyway, if there's one thing that Halle can do and no bitchy queen can take away from her, it's stand and look incredible. She's always been able to wear getups that might be tacky on other people and have them look classy and stylish on her. Face it, girls. You could probably fit this dress in the palm of your hand. She's wearing a skin-tight micro-mini with cutouts. Say that description out loud. But just for fun, preface it with "When I ... meet the love of my life/win that award/get that job/give birth to my first child ... I hope I'm wearing a..."
And yet, she looks pretty fabulous. The jewelry and shoes are very understated, as they should be. The only weak parts are the bag, which doesn't seem to go with this dress, and the makeup, which frankly, she could have used a little more of. We get that she probably wanted to tone down the potential sluttiness as much as possible, but this really wasn't the time to go for a clean look on the face.

Still, that girl can rock the shit out of just about anything. IN.

[Photo Credit: wireimage]

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