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Jason Wu Spring 2011 Collection

Wu-ing the audience.

After dressing First Lady Michelle Obama for the inaugural ball, Jason Wu has been the beneficiary of that double-edged sword that comes with instant fame: everyone is talking about you, but also, everyone is talking about you. The pressure to wow the public gets greater as time goes on. We've always liked his clothes but felt that the industry press somewhat overstated his appeal. This is the first collection of his that, okay, we can't say it "wowed" us, but we can say we really, really liked it. Beautiful, well-made clothes that many, many women would want to wear. He knows how to appeal to a customer. It sounds like a cliche, but we look at this collection and see one woman's entire wardrobe.

The collection was inspired by the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, but in a typically understated Wu manner. He took the vibrant colors of her artwork and deftly applied them here and there to the collection without deviating from his tendency to be understated.

And if we haven't said it before, sheer is back in a big, big way this season. A lot of starlets and socialites are going to be investing in some very pretty bras soon. And while color has returned to the runway, it's blues and pinks in particular which are getting a lot of focus. Those last two gowns are gorgeous and we'd love to see them (sans nipples) on the RC.

[Photo Credit: wireimage - Video: YouTube/Lucianoburgos]

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