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Keith Haring Shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

We'd pay cash money to see someone attempt to walk in these after a couple drinks.

British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood has a new line of shoes inspired by the artwork of Keith Haring. Take it away, Nicholas:

“I watched this documentary called The Universe of Keith Haring, and though I know his style, I hadn’t seen the breadth of his work. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing and prolific he was and how great it would be to incorporate his graphics into my designs,” Kirkwood explained. “So I ended up approaching the Keith Haring Foundation. I had to really sell them the product, but I think they’re pretty happy with the end result.”

They look fun, although that last one is incomprehensible. We have no idea how they're supposed to be worn or how one can walk in them. But who cares? It's ART, darlings! Well, it's also a shoe, but still.

It's funny. Back in the '80s, we wouldn't have predicted that of all the downtown NYC artists on the scene, it would be Keith that would reach the Warholian heights that he has. Of course, part of that has to do with his tragic and untimely death due to AIDS, but it also has to do with the primal feel of his work. It's something that can easily be disseminated to the masses, like a Campbell's soup can or a Marilyn portrait. Which isn't meant to diminish his work in any way. We've always loved it and even now, whenever we see any of his work, in any form, it takes us right back to that time period, that combination of exuberance and fatalism that characterized the '80s. It'll be interesting to see how far his reach goes. Will we still be buying Keith Haring products in 30 years or will this stuff all eventually cross over that line into "dated?"

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