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Lifetime Breaks Ratings Record with Project Runway

Here's hoping they sent her a muffin basket in gratitude.

Press Release:

On the heels of having what fans, bloggers and writers called its best episode ever on August 26th, Lifetime’s Project Runway broke records last night by surpassing four million Total Viewers (4,002,000) and two million Adults 25-54 viewers (2,160,000) – up double digits vs. the Season 8 to date average -- making it the series’ most watched episode in the demos since its Season 6 finale on November 19, 2009. In its new, 90-minute format, half-hour impressions among Adults 25-54 grew throughout the entire episode last night, up from the first 30 minutes to the final half-hour (2,094,000 to 2,122,000 to 2,265,000), according to Nielsen Research. Additionally, Project Runway averaged 1,764,000 Women 18-49 viewers and 1,686,000 Women 25-54 viewers – both also series highs since the Season 6 finale and up double digits compared to STD. Project Runway generated a 3.1 Household rating yesterday. Season 8 of Project Runway is this year’s number one competitive un-scripted program on ad-supported cable among Women 18-49, Women 25-54, Women 18+ and Women 18-34."

After the disappointing showings of seasons 6 and 7, this can only be good news for both Lifetime and for Project Runway fans.

Of course, we all know the reason why:

And we'll say it again: Basing the show's success on its ability to find extreme personalities who can cause high drama is nothing new. It's been built into the show's framework from the very beginning. For all the talk in comments sections here and on the rest of the internet of "I don't watch the show for the DRAMA," the fact of the matter is, the majority of the viewership responds very well to it and the show has always had drama. In fact, those seasons that the viewership collectively decided were among the worst in the show's history (namely, seasons 5, 6 and 7) are also generally considered to have had the most boring casts.

Now, do we wish the clothes were a little more exciting and jaw-dropping this season? Absolutely. Does the name-calling and backstabbing upset us? Not even a tiny little bit. Did people forget "I didn't steal the bitch's dye?" "Wendy, you have no soul?" "EVERYBODY hates you, Wendy! EVERYBODY." Or Nora running out of the workroom crying? Or Vanessa generally being a bitch and causing everyone to momentarily hate her? Or someone drawing a mustache on Wendy's daughter's picture? And those examples are just from Season ONE. Nevermind Santino or Zulema and her "cry and cut" or Jeffrey and Angela's mom or Laura's accusation or Keith Michael cheating, etc., ad nauseam. As far as we're concerned, Gretchen's meltdown last week was EXACTLY what the show needed and a return to form to its glory days. We're enjoying ourselves on a level we haven't felt since the show was on Bravo.

So what do you think, unborn fawns? Is this development good news or is it a disaster, in your mind?

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