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Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Collection

Boogie nights.

If you're Marc Jacobs, here's how you do the '70s: take one part Rocky Horror Picture Show, one part Studio 54, add a soupcon of Bianca Jagger and Marisa Berenson, and sprinkle liberally with Ziggy Stardust. We're of many minds on this one. In some parts, it gets way too literal and frankly, there are parts of the '70s that aren't begging for a re-examination. That purple pant, striped sweater, huge hat ensemble could have been the JC Penney 1974 catalog cover. Still, there's a part of us that really has to hand it to him. When he wants to go with something, he goes all the way. On the other hand, we think when he was taking a look at '50s silhouettes and styles, he was able to make it look modern. Less so here. We do love the color palette and the bold stripes. And the coats are gorgeous. And any queen will tell you your wardrobe is incomplete without one big hat. In fact, the accessories are a huge part of the appeal here. There's not a bag, shoe or hat we don't like. He loses us on the satin pieces. And some of those prints are plain ugly. And the silhouettes get a little weird there in the middle. So yeah, mixed reaction. What we like, we really like; what we don't like tends to overwhelm the good parts.

[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage - Video Credit: YouTube/Kaiserfashion]

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