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Marchesa Spring 2011 Collection

In which T and Lo have a debate.

We are very much of two minds on this one; two totally oppositional minds. Let's break it down.

Tom has just about had it with complicated, architectural, folded napkin-style dresses, which, if Marchesa ever cared about Tom's opinion, would be a problem for them because that's their aesthetic to a T. Tom would never think to impose a minimalist or clean point of view on Marchesa, but he does think it's time for them to explore new avenues because these dresses, as stunningly beautiful as they are, don't really look all that different from any other Marchesa collection. Ultimately, it comes down to this with him: it's "easy" to design a dramatic dress if you just overload it with draping or origami or voluminous amounts of fabric (and sometimes all three). You don't really have to worry about fit or how it hangs on the body or even how it's constructed because all of that will be covered by yards of frippery. After a while, one just gets bored with it.

Lorenzo sees this differently. For one, he doesn't feel that practical concerns really apply with dresses like these and if you're going to chuck practicality, then you might as well go whole hog and embrace your wildest impulses. He considers these dresses beautiful works of art (the presentation was at the Chelsea Art Museum, after all), displaying impeccable craftsmanship, that go somewhat beyond fashion considerations of the moment. This is what Marchesa has always done and we can expect nothing else but this from them. Taken on those terms, these are nothing more than breathtakingly beautiful dresses and how much can you criticize that?

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