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PR: Bottom Two

Cranky bitches vs. cranky bitches.

Model: Tina Marie

You know what? We'll be the ones to say it. We think this judges were off their nut. Whether it was from lack of caffeine or hemorrhoids or gastric distress, those cranky bitches were criticizing the wrong looks and ignoring the ones that should have been criticized.

But we'll stop right here and say this is not a great look. We're not going to defend it as if it was.

It's just not nearly as awful as those nasty bitches made it out to be. We thought the Duchess was going to vomit all over the runway she was so put out.

Is that vest a poor choice of outerwear for this look? Yes.

But we were willing to give her some slack since she'd already designed a jacket for the look before they sprung the outwerwear on her. What she should have done is scrapped the existing jacket, gone to Mood to buy different fabric, and remake the exact same jacket in the new fabric.

Of course there's also the problem that she chose such heavy and dreary looking fabric for the vest.

In fact, the whole outfit could have used some color . Like cranky Nina said, she's been relying way too much on her pleating and zippers. She needs to show them something else.

And soon, because once the judges decide they're tired of you, it can be almost impossible to turn that boat around.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

Extended Judging:

Model: Cassie

Believe it or not, we also thought the judges were a bit hard on this one as well.

Was this completely wrong for this challenge? You betcha.

But the judges have a history of reprimanding designers for "losing their point of view" and say what you will about this look, you can't deny it's pure Andy.

We think the pants were interesting and modern and if Jackie was a 25 year old socialite in 2010 like she was 60 years earlier, then yes, she might actually wear something like this.

But this isn't what the judges were looking for and Andy should have realized that. You can do your point of view, but you have to tip your hat to the judges expectations.

It didn't help that the pants were poorly fitted.

And the top was sloppy looking and poorly conceived.

And the vest was a simply terrible idea.

So, yes. We agreed that he should have been in the bottom 3 for veering so far off-model and for offering a look that was a bit schlumpy and disheveled-looking. But we were surprised to see Nina and Michael trash those pants so hard. We would have thought either or both of them would have appreciated the design even if it was wrong for the challenge.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

Extended Judging:

In other news, you might have heard by now that Tim Gunn's vlog entry on his Facebook page regarding this episode was quite spicy and accusations at producers were thrown. It seems that the original challenge was to design a look for Katie Holmes who's playing Jackie in a TV miniseries. That apparently fell through and the challenged was changed at the last second, the result being that no two people involved with the show had the same idea about what the challenge was supposed to be. Hence, the clusterfuck on the runway and the judges' unusually testy responses. As of this morning, the vlog entry is missing from his Facebook page. LE SCANDALE!

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