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PR: Congratulations!

In which T Lo waffle a bit before coming to a decision.

Congrats, doll!! We love a girl with a take-no-shit attitude and a dockworker's mouth.

Unfortunately, we're not a hundred percent behind this decision.

Let us start with this: there is a whole lot to like about this garment.

She managed to design a bust that is truly unique; eye-catching and pretty. We really love those straps.

And the extraneous pair that hang down the arms give this look a sexy, disheveled, about-to-have-sex-at-any-minute feel to it.

And it looks great from the back too. The exposed zipper works here.

Of course, there are other reasons to consider this outfit super-sexy.

Namely, once you go below the bust, you're looking at lingerie. Literally.

"Resort" covers a fairly wide range of garments, but lingerie simply isn't one of them.

We're not sure what exactly the intended purpose of this outfit is, but we can admit that if the bottom wasn't sheer, we could see it as a cocktail or clubbing kind of dress.

And if the intention was as, say some sort of beach or poolside look, then...

FAIL, as the kids say.

The judges complimented this! They COMPLIMENTED it!

It's not so much the high-waist that bothers us; it's that it literally looks like a black diaper from the front. VERY not sexy. We're thinking they should have picked high-waisted or boy cut, but not both.

And we realize that lingerie-inspired dresses aren't exactly new, but rarely do you see one of them that looks EXACTLY like it. Trim the top in white maribou feathers instead of those straps and you could find this in any sex shop.

It's really only the sheerness - and the fact that it reveals those unflattering manpanties - that we don't like. The design aside from that is great. This really would make a fantastic little cocktail dress, suitable for a resort collection - in any other fabric but a sheer one. We think the judges fell so in love with the design that they blinded themselves to the fact that it looked too literally like lingerie.

Then again, there could have been a part of their jaded fashion-bitch selves that responded to the audacity of designing a lingerie dress for a resort collection. Either way, while we agree that the design is very well done, we tried to like it as a whole, but we just can't get lose sight of the fact that it looks like a peekaboo nightie. It's the straps that make it, but the skirt is all wrong.

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