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Prada Spring 2011 Collection

All hail Queen Miuccia.

As we were scrolling through these pictures last night, Lorenzo exclaimed, "GOD I love this woman." Tom pointed out that we named our kitten after her and that's about as high as praise gets from two gay men. Miuccia Prada said that with this collection, the time had come for her to be bold. She wasn't kidding. One thing we love about Prada is that every collection is a chance for her to do something new; to veer off in unexpected directions. You can't look at previous seasons and predict what she's going to do next season. You can't say that about a lot of designers. This "minimal baroque" collection doesn't disappoint. With stripes and prints depicting bananas, monkeys and Carmen Miranda silhouettes, all rendered in glorious technicolor, it's a fun, luxe, exuberant collection that just makes us smile.

Then again, we named our cat after her.

[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage - YouTube/Kaiserfashion]

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