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Versace Spring 2011 Collection

Fun with Geometry.

Versace brought back the house's signature, the Greek key, and used it as a springboard to produce the surprisingly sharp corners and rigid lines of the whole collection. While the '70s seem to be on a lot of designers' minds this season, this collection has looks that call to mind every decade from the '60s to the aughties. This isn't quite the disco glam Versace party girl of yore. Donatella has envisioned a serious woman for serious times. Not that she would ever stray too far from producing the goddess-y looks her customers expect from her. There's no loss of drama here, that's for sure. Despite the sometimes rigid feel, you still can't escape the typical Versace embellishments and points of interest. Like everyone else, Versace's bringing color to the runway. Unlike most everyone else, Versace always has. We love the palette here; the rich colors and heavy use of white. We also love the striped pieces, the long hemlines with the cropped tops, and the subtle sheer cutouts. The shoes, of course, are to die.

[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage - YouTube/FashionWeekForever]

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