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Chanel Spring 2011 Collection

On with the show.

It seems almost silly for us to write anything here. It's Chanel. It's Karl Lagerfeld. Seriously, what else do you need to know? The man is a preening caricature, but he knows what the hell he's doing. And as always, he puts on a hell of a show; a 17th Century garden, fountains, and an 80-member orchestra. One of his inspirations was the French classic Last Year at Marienbad, for which Coco Chanel herself did the costumes. In typical grandiose style he sent more than 80 looks down the runway, but don't let the volume or repetition fool you. If you take a closer look at each piece, you can see the subtle differences at play with the use of feathers, floral prints, and exquisite embroidery.

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[Photo Credit: getty/wireimage - Video Credit: YouTube/Fatalefashion]

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