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Glee for GQ Magazine

Who's the idiot that approved these?

GQ Magazine November 2010 issue
Photographed by Terry Richardson

We're not feeling very optimistic about Glee. Don't get us wrong, the second season is largely the same as the first (so far), with roughly the same ratio of good moments to bad moments that the show has always had. What troubles us is that as the show becomes more and more of a "cultural moment," it seems like many of the people involved with it might be losing sight of what made the show so charming in the first place.

In short, the PR machine for Glee is forcing the show into this slick and sexy image which is totally at odds with the very premise of the show: small town nerds and losers grabbing a moment of glory before their childhood ends. That IS what the show was originally about, remember?

Here. Take a look:

So much wrong it's not even funny. Look, we're not prudes. And these aren't teenagers. There's nothing wrong with a sexy photoshoot for any rising young star. It's practically de rigueur. But putting 3 of the cast members in front of creepy Terry Richardson's lens and dressing them up like porn fantasies?

Of course he didn't dress all of them up like porn fantasies, just the girls. Guys don't do sexy. Guys have sexy done for them. Guys stand or sit fully clothed while girls are meant to writhe and gyrate and spread their legs in their underwear. That's the way of things. Great message there, morons. Knowing that this show has a huge teen and even pre-teen following, whatever person approved the idea of this shoot (TERRY RICHARDSON, people!) should be fired.

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