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In or Out: Katie Holmes in Louis Vuitton


Katie Holmes attends the Variety's 2nd Annual Power Of Women Luncheon
at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills in a modified Louis Vuitton dress.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Bianca Balti (IMG)

Tom is, once again, not a fan of the dress on its own merits. Lorenzo, once again, disagrees loudly and forcefully.

Thankfully, for the sake of our marriage, we are both in agreement that meth-addicted stylists are a pestilence ruining the red carpets of this fine country. How else to explain this disaster?

Look, even Tom can admit that, though he doesn't love the dress, it's not really the kind of dress you can "interpret." It needs to be worn pretty much as designed. This thing is so pinned and twisted and out of shape that she looks like a 6-year old in a princess costume on Halloween, long after the tricking and the treating have ended and she's vibrating all over the living room from all the sugar in her system.

It looks like some Einstein had the brilliant idea of pinning up the skirt and it looks like it's coming undone right before our very eyes. Additionally, this attempt to staple this dress into a cute cocktail dress means the bodice looks all weird and disproportionate now. The skinny belt was a bad choice too, as were the black tights. In fact, the preponderance of black all around was a bad idea. We like the shoes and bag, but they wouldn't have been our choice to go with this dress. Then again, this series of pictures could have been entitled "None of this would have been T Lo's choice." The hair and the makeup are -- oh, who cares? She is so freaking OUT.

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