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PR: Michael C.

Pumpkin pants.

We have to give him credit for holding it together, so far as we could see. A lot of contestants would have either collapsed under Ivy's accusations or gone completely crazy. Michael mostly rolled his eyes at someone who was no threat to him, which was the exact right way to react.

If only we could lavish the same kind of praise on his garments.

Clearly, just about everbody had problems with the brief (except for Andy) and didn't really know how to do activewear.

We could almost buy that these pieces are meant to be activewear. They're certainly no further off-base than most of the other offerings.

What's odd about these looks is that they don't look ANYTHING like Heidi's collection for New Balance.
Those pants are hideous.

It came down to his fabric choices, which seemed totally off-model to us.

They were the wrong fabrics to choose for an activewear collection and they were the wrong colors for Heidi's existing collection.

Plus, there are some odd design elements, like the aforementioned pants, and the gathering on the sleeves.

Seriously, those sleeves are really weird.

In addition, he was working in some mighty off silhouettes. Not one of them looked flattering to our eyes. Plus, the styling was way off-base.

He used these heavy belts and jewelry to give these mostly uninteresting looks some interest, but again, such things are simply off-tone for something like activewear.

So while we can't really get excited over his work - and truth be told, haven't been all season - we'll still give him credit for holding his head up and getting the work done, drama be damned.

Tim Gunn's Workroom:

Extended Judging:

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