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T LOunge

Passports, money, tickets!

Just Cavalli Cafe in Milan, Italy

Ciao, darlings! Let's all scoot off to Milan and bring our Mint Milanos with us. It's another bitch of a day here at T Lo Communications International, and we're just looking to kick back with a glass of wine and maybe some dark chocolate to round out the evening. Join us, won't you, minions?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg helps Tim Gunn
present the next challenge: design a look inspired by the Statue of Liberty New York City.

Okay, that's officially a pretty damn lame challenge. But look!

Guest Judge: Christian Siriano

Expect some bitchiness during the judging session, kittens! We want to see a Gretchen vs. Christian showdown. That would be quality television.

Episode 12 Preview:

Let's play Project Runway Editing Hangman! We'll go first.

"I just want to leave my purse here on the floor while I use the ladies room."

"I'm sick of listening to Heidi repeat the challenges in that annoying voice of hers."

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